Irini – Translation with a heart

Profile: I am a professional musician with a passion for languages. This is why I am active in both the musical field and the publishing and translations domain. Through our family-owned publishing house we guide a manuscript on the wonderful path that transforms it into a book. We also provide translation services, working mainly from English, Italian and French into Romanian, but also from Romanian to English and Italian. My filology formation as well as the cultural dimension added by my musical specialization, help me translate with pleasure and ease. My working skills include a constant striving for high quality results, attention to details, elegant and accurate translation. A very good command of my own language, Romanian, makes it easy for me to shape the rendition into a pleasant sounding and culturally adapted version of the original.

Working languages: English to Romanian, Romanian to English, French to Romanian, Italian to Romanian     

Copy-editing and Proofreading in Romanian, English     

Expertise: Literary, Music, Art, Travel and Tourism (articles, informational brochures, advertising), Education/Pedagogy, Ecology/Environment, Communications (articles, correspondence, business), Fashion and Beauty, Media, Internet, Constructions/Civil Engineering       

Among translated works: Janet Tanner – The Eden Inheritance (novel, en-ro, Karat Publishing House, 1995); Janet Tanner – Oriental Hotel (novel, en-ro, Karat Publishing House, 1995); Claudiu Iordache – Homo Europaeus (poem, ro-en, Irini Publishing House, 2006) 

Interpreter (en-ro, ro-en) for the 2004 Symposium „The Romanian Revolution and its Characters”, which took place at The Marble Hall of the Romanian Senate, with British journalist Bob Wylie from BBC Scotland as a guest.

Languages: Romanian –  native language, English – excellent, French – good, Italian – fair

Contact: Editura Irini – editura.irini at gmail com

Woman holding a 'tabula' - wall painting from Pompei, before 79 AD